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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Singalong with Circlemending - Family

It's been a busy week with many times for family - our oldest daughter & her family were here for a visit, so talking about family while enjoying family was the theme of the last 4 days. It got me thinking about family and how that figures in to our music (at least in the Hibben home).

So there it is: today's singalong theme is "family." Now this can include songs about family or maybe songs you (or your ancestors) sang (or just enjoyed) as a family (in that case, be sure to tell the story of how it connects to the theme). Ideally, don't repeat a song that you have used in a past Sunday Singalong. (For those who may not be aware, you can include the full set of lyrics, just a verse and/or chorus, only the title, or possibly a link - to an MP3, a YouTube performance, or lyrics found on the web.)

In our household, our family includes my husband, Butch, and me, plus our 2 dogs, Buddy & Klondike (yes, we have many more human family members, but none living at home right now, at least not when I last checked). Now, when I was younger, a song our family loved was "The Hound Dog Song" . . . the version sung by the Armstrong Family of Wilmette, Illinois (George, Gerry, & their daughters Rebecca & Jennifer). This link is to a copy of the CD, recorded by "The Golden Ring" - a temporary group with the Armstrongs and a bunch of their friends - available on line, with MP3 cuts one can listen to . . . scroll down to "Hound Dog Song, The" and click on "Listen" (it's the 4th song on the playlist) . But here's a snippet:

Ev'ry time I go to town, somebody kicks my dog around,
Makes no difference if he's a hound:
Gotta quit kickin' my dog around.

So there it is: a song about a dog (definitely part of our family and, obviously, of the narrator's family in the song), that my family (growing up) loved, sung by a family. Got a favorite family song or one that deals with family? Share it here! Let's sing along!!


  1. Part family... part gospel... "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?"

    There are loved ones
    In the glory
    Whose dear forms we often miss
    When we close our
    Earthly story
    Will we join them in their bliss

    Will the circle
    Be unbroken
    By and by, Lord, by and by
    There's a better
    Home awaitin'
    In the sky, Lord, in the sky

    [Written from memory, so forgive any errors.]

    Here in the hills of West Virginia, this song is often sung at family reunions, gatherings, and even at funerals. But it seems to epitomize the thought of family.

  2. Love the verse! Great ... thanks!

  3. Jean, my parents really like Tom Jones and me too. This song is beautiful and we have always heard. Also reminds me of nice evenings with my parents, drinking juice under a plum tree
    our house, with much affection.

    The Green Green Grass Of Home of Tom Jones

    The old home town looks the same as I step down from the train,
    And there to meet me is my Mama and Papa.
    Down the road I look and there runs Mary hair of gold and lips like cherries.
    It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.
    Yes, they'll all come to meet me, arms reaching, smiling sweetly.
    It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.
    The old house is still standing tho' the paint is cracked and dry,
    And there's that old oak tree I used to play on.

    Down the lane I walk with my sweet Mary, hair of gold and lips like cherries.
    It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.
    Yes, they'll all come to meet me, arms reaching, smiling sweetly.
    It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.


    Then I awake and look around me, at four grey wall surround me
    And I realize that I was only dreaming.
    For there's a guard and there's a sad old padre -
    Arm in arm we'll walk at daybreak.
    Again I touch the green, green grass of home.
    Yes, they'll all come to see me in the shade of that old oak tree
    As they lay me neath the green, green grass of home.


  4. I remember when I first heard that song - the ending shocked me & made me very sad (I was very young ... but it still has that effect on me ... but the singer may have done something very, very bad; nevertheless, that sense of family & home still says with him till the end).

  5. The songs produce different effects on us, as a child I did not know the meaning of this song because he did not understand English, just enjoy the voice and the music .... not if it happened to you but you feel that there are songs for sunny days , or songs for rainy days? always happens to me .... this is for a sunny day of summer ...