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Born in Illinois, I grew up in Wilmette, a northern suburb of Chicago. I have one sibling, an older brother. I am married, for the 2nd time now, to Butch & got 4 children in the deal. They have gone on to make me grandmother 25 times over & great-grandmother to over 20!. After many years working in industry, I got my bachelors and masters degrees in speech communication, & was a professor in that field for 13 years. I retired in 2001 & returned to school & got my doctorate in folklore. Now I meld my two interests - folklore & genealogy - & add my teaching background, resulting in my current profession: speaker/author/entertainer of genealogically-related topics. I play many folk instruments, but my preference is guitar, which I have been playing since 1963. I write the "Aunty Jeff" column for the Informer, newsletter of the Jefferson County NY Gen. Soc. I work in partnership with Gena Philibert-Ortega & Sara Cochran as Genealogy Journeys® where we focus on educating folks about Social History. More about that: genaandjean.blogspot.com. More on our podcasts: genjourneys.podbean.com. More about my own projects: Circlemending.org.

National Archives & Records Administration, Pacific Region, Riverside County, California

Read about the microfilm collections at the Pacific Region, Riverside facilities; hints for navigating the NARA website; ideas for genealogical research using these resources; and more. 


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Location of the National Archives and Records Administration, Pacific Region.
Telephone number: 951-956-2000 
Email: riverside.archives@nara.gov

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This blog has been created and developed with the sanctions, guidance, and advice of  the authorities at NARA, Pacific Region, Riverside.