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Friday, December 18, 2009

Countdown to Mesa, AZ Expo, 22-23 Jan 2010, Lisa Louise Cooke

It's hard to believe, but the Mesa, AZ Family History Expo is just over a month away. And there are so many exciting things going on at that event that I know I am not doing them justice with my weekly blog, but hopefully something I write will inspire my readers who plan to attend to enjoy some part of the experience they might have otherwise missed.

Lisa Louise Cooke will be there with her Genealogy Gems Podcast booth. If you have never listened to one of her podcasts, you have missed out on a treat. Not only does she educate her listeners, but she does so in an entertaining way. I was able to attend a seminar in October where Lisa was one of the featured speakers. She spoke about the many ways of using Google and making it one's personal genealogy assistant. I took tons of notes and implemented many of her ideas (and was so proud of myself that I actually already knew about some of the things she suggested). At the Mesa Expo, Lisa will be speaking on this topic and also about Google Earth. Lisa's tips and instructions are easy to follow for the most computer-illiterate, so this is a perfect series of presentations for anyone who has not yet tapped Google for the full resource it is (not only for genealogy, but for all areas of interest).

Lisa's podcast she did with me at an Expo earlier this year (episode 32) is still up on her website (until Dec. 23), if you are interested in hearing us talk about music, rving, and genealogy and how I manage to meld them all together. To hear it takes a subscription to her premium service, but that gives the listener a chance to hear the most valuable of her genealogy gems.

Lisa also has a book of "Genealogy Gems" - tips to help make your genealogy research more effective - available on her website. Plus, she sells a specialty item - an actual genealogy gem: a beautiful pin that declares the wearer to be a "genealogy gem." These and related items can be found in her on-line store.

So, when you come to the Mesa, AZ Family History Expo, be sure to stop by Lisa's booth and check out her items, attend one of her three lectures, and/or attend the blogger banquet on Friday evening to be part of her LIVE broadcast of the event (a first-time experience for all of us)! Tell her I sent you.

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  1. Jean, We can't wait to see you there! John is especially excited. Lisa sounds so interesting, I really need to know how to use the internet as a tool in better ways. This is going to be great. (I think the girls will be staying up here with Josh). See you soon.