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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Singalong with Circlemending - The Senses - Touch

After a week + with a cold and bronchitis, I finally am back among the living. Just in time for the Sunday Singalong. Continuing on the subject of the senses, it occurs to me that there are a large number of songs dealing with touch. Whether it is a loving touch, a hug, or touching something, rather than someone, we are constantly using our sense of touch. And singing about it.

I have loved the old song "Bold Soldier" that can be found in some obscure music books (it's in an ancient Burl Ives pocket-book of songs that I have had since I was a young teen). The phrase, implying touch, "Hold your hand," is repeated a couple of times. It actually means to stop a moment, but sounds as if one is being physically held back. Of course, the song also involves a physical altercation - another type of touch. The Burl Ives version of the lyrics can be found here. But my preferred version is sung by Pernell Roberts and a YouTube of his photos, with "Bold Soldier" playing in the background, has been posted on the Internet.

Your song need not include all the lyrics - just the one about touch. Or make it a link to an MP3 file or YouTube video. Or just a title. Do tell why the song is one that you like. Remember, my grandkids have access to this blog, so keep it clean, folks!

Your turn.


  1. Well, you asked for it. Here's one of the songs that was popular - very popular, in fact - when I was in high school. And it deals with touching -- "patting," to be precise. Here is the chorus:

    Feet up, pat him on the po-po
    Let's hear him laugh, Ha-ha!
    Feet up, pat him on the po-po
    Let's hear him laugh
    Ain't seen a babe like this before
    He's so good-lookin', gonna have some more
    Feet up, pat him on the po-po
    Let's hear him laugh

    It was sung by Guy Mitchell in 1952 and is about a man's new baby son! Do you remember it?

    Here's the youtube link:

  2. The song that means alot to me was , "The touch of His Hand", by Mosie Lister 1956. It was a duet my mother taught me when I was four years old. When I think of it I think of her and the many hours we spent singing songs and playing the piano as I was growing up. I also feel very blessed that God gave me a wonderful mother and mentor in her. Here are the words to the chorus:

    The touch of His hand,
    His touch always means so much to me,
    I cling to him now and He walks with me;
    I'll make it through to Heaven's bright land.
    For I'm kept by the touch of God's mighty hand.

  3. You crack me up, Bobby! And I do remember it ... vaguely.
    Kathye, that is a special one (reminds me of one I can just barely remember - "he touched me").

  4. "He Touched Me" is special to me too. It was a solo my mother was asked to sing in church many, many times.


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