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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Singalong with Circlemending - weather

The seasons are changing. Or so they tell me (living in Southern Calif., the seasonal differences are not as pronounced as in the area where I grew up in Illinois). Nonetheless, we know that we are moving into fall just because our temps have dipped below 100 degrees!

Do you know a song that speaks of weather (changing seasons, specific weather conditions, a discussion of all types of climatic situations, etc.)? Share the lyrics or maybe just a verse and chorus; or provide a link to the lyrics on line (or maybe an MP3 or YouTube video). But don't forget to share why the song is significant to you (or why you zeroed in on that particular one).

My offering:

While I enjoy fall, I hate to say goodbye to summer. I love how summer days go into the evening (I hate to say goodbye to Daylight Savings Time). It reminds me of the blues song "Summertime." My husband loves to play saw to that song and it lends itself to that instrument. George Gershwin's lyrics can be found at this site, where you can make it a ring for your cell phone. Or check out Ella Fitzgerald's version on YouTube.

When I Googled the song, I was amazed how many different people have recorded this song - and in so many styles! I guess the feeling is essentially universal - "Summertime, and the living is easy." Ah, summer, I shall miss you.

Your turn.


  1. One of my fall favorites was always:

    'Over the river and through the woods
    To Grandmother's house we go
    The horse knows the way
    To carry the sleigh
    Through the white and drifting snow!

    Over the river and through the woods
    Oh how the wind does blow!
    It stings the toes and bites the nose
    As over the ground we go!'

    It was sang by school children nearing the Thanksgiving holiday when I was a child. [Many, many moons ago!]

  2. Texicanwife you beat me too it! I cannot believe it; "Over the River and Through the Woods" my #1 choice as well - and - we sing each time we travel the 11 miles to my parents home.

    Number #2 choice is: John Denvers "Sunshine on My Shoulders."


    Enjoy your Sunday,


    Jennifer R. Bernard
    Mont Vernon, NH

  3. Oh, I love Sunshine on my shoulders! I also love the primary song, "It's autumn time, it's autumn time, the leaves are turning brown". We love to go out this time of year and see the leaves turning. They can be so pretty!


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