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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Your Song?

No, I did not mis-type "what's your sign." I asked, "what's your song?"

I met my husband following a square dance (he was learning to be a caller) and soon we were going to square dances every weekend (modern Western square dancing continues to be quite the activity, though our joints no longer allow us to partake). One of the "calls" he learned early on & became our favorite was based on the Country Western Song "Something about You Baby I Like." Without any fanfare, that became "our song." While that first line ("Maybe it's the way you wear your blue jeans so tight") no longer applies as it once did, when we hear that song, we still smile at each other!

Having "a song" is quite common. Often, at weddings, the couple or the DJ will announce the next tune as "their song." Do you have "a song"? Or, more to the point for this blog, did your ancestors? As I mentioned in a previous post, many of our ancestors played musical instruments, but I wonder if they also had "a song." And I wonder how we could figure out what it was! Maybe your ancestors favored "Bringing Nellie Home"; "When You and I were Young, Maggie"; "You are my Sunshine"; "Long, Long Ago"; "Because, Just Because"; or some other song that was popular in "their day." I would love to know what special melody my great-grandparents danced to or what significant song my granduncle sang to my grandaunt. I don't know how we could determine those things, unless it was written in a diary or letter, but if you know the songs that were favored by your family members, be sure to include that in the notes or biographies for those people ... and share that information with me, too. I'd like to know!

Meanwhile: what's your song?

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