Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Singalong with Circlemending - Songs to make us feel better

This week has been one of organizing and cleaning for us. Putting things in order can be a somewhat therapeutic activity for me. And while I was doing much of the work, I was playing music (not personally, I mean on the player). It occurred to me that perhaps I didn't needed to clean up to make me feel better . . . all I needed was to play some music. Of course, my office would still be a mess!

So, what songs make you feel better? There are so many songs that fit that description for me, but I can only choose one, so I'll select "Golden Slippers." I love the topic, but also the upbeat manner in which most people perform it. I found this version on YouTube that reflects these elements.

Is there a song or a tune that makes you feel better? Share some lyrics, a link to a YouTube or MP3, or just tell us the title - what song will help bring you up when you are feeling down? Or just keep a good mood going?


  1. Zing A Little Zong (1952)

    Vocals: Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman

    Please do view - and - try not to smile :)

  2. The Blue Tail Fly song [Jimmy Crack Corn]. Never fails to make me smile and lift my spirits! You can hear Brad Sondahl singing it with the banjo on YouTube here:


  3. This is an easy one! When I'm down and need to be picked up it's always Linda. For those that don't know me that would be Linda Eder. "Vienna" is the signature song of this dynamic, powerful singer and it's my favorite. When I'm edgy and irritated my friend Melissa always says, "You need a little Linda". So here it is:

  4. I have always loved the old song, "You are my sunshine". I don't know why it cheers me up so much, but it does.

  5. Great ideas! Yes, Patty, I could have guessed that one for you. And Susan, I knew that's where you would go. Thanks for the input, everyone.