Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunday Singalong with Circlemending - The 5 Senses - Taste/Smell

For this week's singalong, I thought I'd put two senses together: taste and smell (they often occur together, anyway). The sense of smell is the one most connected to our memory, so songs about smell are likely to have to do with remembering something.

At this time of year, when smells and tastes are so connected to the holidays, I thought it might be fun to see if folks would like to stretch their minds to see if they can identify songs dealing with these 2 senses. It took me a while, so I won't be surprised if the offerings here are limited.

Our friend Mark Witman, wrote a song - "Seven Thousand Feet" - dealing with the seasonal memories, including these lines:

"But here inside the house the smell of cinnamon and clove
Drifts from the apple cider out there steaming on the stove.
And the ponderosa kindling is just a-nibbling at the oak,
Flavoring the valley with the smoke." (c) 1991, Mark C. Witman

The imagery is perfect for a cold winter day.

So, as you start planning the smells and flavors for your holiday meals, see if you can remember a song that talks of such things. Then share it here (the lyrics or all or part of the song, a link to them or to an MP3 or YouTube video).

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  1. Taste, smell, and touch in a song about love:
    And the scent of you, that lingers in the air, ..
    Is like a rose, whose, fragrance is so fair. ..
    The love you give, and the love I give to you, ..
    Make the sum of us, greater than the two. ..
    ~from Greater Than the Two by Vern Taylor