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Friday, February 18, 2011

Countdown to St. George Family History Expo - 1 Week

In a week, I will be nestled in with the bloggers at the Blog House in St. George. I wonder what I will have to share from there. I know that I will be asking a bunch of questions as I am still in a quandary about how to use Twitter in my business and personal life. I also look forward to sharing ideas with the other bloggers, most of whom have blogs dealing with genealogy. This is a wonderful way to share information on genealogy tips, finds, warnings, etc. And, guess what: IT'S FREE! (Yes, I did mean to shout.) These amazing people are interested in helping other genealogists (even the earliest of beginners) set up their own blogs to further their research on contact with others. So if you plan to attend the Expo in St. George, come to the Blog House for blogging hints & helps.

Now, if you want to attend the event but are not interested in the classes (hard to believe, but some people wish to network and shop), the entire exhibit hall is FREE! (That's my favorite price.) And some other experiences there will also be without cost. Here, for those who share my love of free, are some examples:

RootsMagic will be there demonstrating all their products and running "mini-classes" in the exhibit hall (no charge). The staff there will also do one-on-one help if you are having any problems with your RM program. A more helpful group you will not find anywhere, plus the products are absolutely amazing! Come learn.

FamilySearch will be there with many computers that you can personally access and get one-on-one assistance to learn all the latest and greatest from that FREE resource. If you have not been on FS in over a month, I promise you that you have many exciting surprises awaiting you.

Ask the Pros will again be available - a chance for you to get individual help for your particular genealogy problems. Stop by their booth to see what times the various experts will be available to assist you . . . for . . . FREE!

Confused about how DNA figures into your family history research? Come check the DNA Consultants booth and ask your questions. This could be just the way to go to break through the brick wall. Of course testing costs, but asking questions of their experts is FREE!

Many local and regional genealogical and historical societies will also be on hand to acquaint you with their organizations (another great way to network is to join these groups).

How about organizing and displaying your family history? Are you confused about how you might go about that? No problem! Just check the many options there in the exhibit hall (in order to avoid missing any of these, I will just suggest you click on the image above and then go to the exhibit hall listing). There are so many options to choose from and here you have a chance to compare them virtually side-by-side, and ask questions as you do so (something that could take hours or even days if you relied on going to Internet sites and emailing your inquiries). Here you can do it in a fraction of the time and all for . . . F*R*E*E!

Other exhibitors are going to be on hand to show you their services and products. Suggestion: while advice and consultations are free, those wares are not, so be sure to figure your budget in advance! For me, it's like being a kid in a candy store!

And don't forget to stop by and say "hi" to me . . . I'll be at the Blog House a lot!


  1. I'd like to come and visit you. Where is the "blog house"? I'm Karen Bell from the Riverside Folk Song club.

  2. The event and blog house are in St. George Utah this Friday and say. No event scheduled for so. California.